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Social Security Attorneys, Disability Lawyers You Can Trust

Are you thinking about contacting a Social Security Attorney or Disability Lawyer?

Navigating the Social Security Disability system can be difficult. Too often deserving Social Security Disability (SSDI and SSI) claims are denied. Berry & Associates is a private law firm or Social Security attorneys and disability lawyers that are devoted to fighting for disabled people and their right to receive Social Security Disability benefits. We help people that need to apply for disability benefits and those that were denied disability benefits and need to appeal. We will also present your case in court in front of a judge if needed.

  • Specializing in Social Security Disability (SSI, SSDI)
  • We have Won thousands of Disability Cases
  • We Win more than 8 out of 10 Disability Cases
  • You Don't Pay any Fees unless you Win Benefits
  • Apply for Disability Benefits, or Appeal a Denied Case
  • Free Disability Case Review online or call 1-800-507-4774

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Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?

The sooner a disability lawyer gets involved in your disability benefits claim, the easier the process can be affected. Your chances of winning disability benefits are greatly improved when represented by an experienced Social Security Disability attorney.

What are Social Security Disability Benefits?

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Social Security Disability benefits (SDD or SSDI) are a wage replacement income for those that have previously worked and meet medical requirements (impairments). Having supporting material that documents your SSD or SSDI case takes time, but is critical to win your claim.

  • If you have questions about SSDI, call 1-800-507-4774.
  • We have experienced SSDI lawyers that can help.
  • Our SSDI attorneys will present your case in court if needed.

2011 Social Security Disability Application - Apply Today

Have questions about the 2011 Social Security Disability application? We can help! Our disability lawyers know what the SSA is looking for. We have experience with submitting the required medical information and documents the Social Security Administration is looking for. If you are applying for Social Security Disability in 2011, then call our Social Security Attorneys at 1-800-507-4774 or submit your case online.

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI Disability) Benefits

Supplemental Security Income also known as SSI Disability is a disability benefits program designed help those with little or no income. SSI Disability is unique because it is funded by general tax revenues and not by Social Security taxes. The purpose of Supplemental Security Income is to help the aged, blind and other disabled people with money for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

  • If you have questions about SSI, call 1-800-507-4774.
  • We have experienced SSI Disability lawyers that can help.
  • Our SSI Disability attorneys help people throughout the U.S.A. fight for Social Security Disability benefits in court.

Our Social Security Attorneys Helped Thousands

The Social Security attorneys at Berry and Associates has helped thousands of claimants receive disability benefits. Too often deserving SSDI and SSI Disability cases are denied because they did not document their Social Security Disability impairments and symptoms. That is where a Social Security attorney can help. Whether you are completing your application for disability benefits or appealing a denied case, lawyers can help affect the process. We understand how disability benefits are calculated and how critical it is to document your impairments (medical conditions). Disability lawyers go further by preparing you (over the phone in and in person) for the questions that will arise by Social Security staff. If a hearing is needed, which is very common, our disability lawyers are there. We present case your case to the Judge. We have tried thousands of cases over the years and know what it takes to win.

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Been Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

Has your Social Security Disability (SSI) benefits claim been denied? You only have a limited time to appeal your denied Social Security disability case. By reaching out to an attorney to represent your Social Security Disability Benefits claim you are greatly increasing your chances of winning. Berry and Associates has helped thousands of people across the U.S. receive disability benefits.

Fact: You are eligible to receive benefits from the date you became disabled, but these benefits are capped at one year before the date you filed with Social Security

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Are my Chances of Winning Better if I Hire a Social Security Attorney?

social security cardYou have the option to self represent your claim. Should you represent yourself, or contact a Social Security attorney? It is a fact your chances of winning disability benefits are better when your claim is represented by a Social Security attorney. Whether your claim is at the Initial Level, Reconsideration or scheduled to be heard before a Judge, an experienced disability lawyer can help present your case in the way that most clearly demonstrates that you are disabled in the way that is defined under the law.

- Fact: Berry and Associates only charges a disability attorney fee if you win back social security disability benefits.

Medical Impairments that Qualify for Social Security Disability

There are many medical impairments that qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Administration is constantly updating the conditions required to received SSDI and SSI Disability benefits. Berry and Associates is unique in our understanding of medical impairments and how symptoms and doctor's notes help build your disability case. Click the Social Security disability impairments link to learn more about individual conditions. Our Social Security lawyers provide examples of what type of questions and documentation you will need to obtain from your doctor when presenting your disability case. The section outlines information designed to help disability claimants who suffer from bipolar disorder, breast cancer, congestive heart failure (CHF), cardiac obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Crohns disease, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), chronic depression, diabetes, neuropathy, retinopathy, kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, MS (multiple sclerosis), Parkinson's disease, and schizophrenia.

Disability Laywers' Guide to Disability

Where you are applying for Social Security Disability, or you have been denied disability benefits and need to appeal--this guide is a great place to start to learn about the disability process and in particular how disability lawyers can help. Topics Discussed:

  • Learn how the Social Security Administration (SSA) defines "disability."
  • Learn common Social Security terms such as SSD, SSDI, SSI and ODAR
  • Learn about the importance of providing medical evidence to your disability claim.
  • Learn why obvious disability claims, don't always receive disability benefits.

Click to learn about our Social Security Disability Guide.

Contact Berry & Associates - Social Security Disability Lawyers - Free Evaluation

Looking for a Social Security Attorney? If you have been denied and need to appeal for disability benefits, or want to apply for Social Security Disability, we can help. Contact us.

Tell us about your disability:

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Disclaimer: National Disability Lawyers is maintained by Berry & Associates. Berry and Associates Social Security Disability Lawyers are Attorneys that can help with SSDI, SSD and SSI Disability Benefit Claims. Use of this site and submission of request for a disability claim evaluation of your Social Security Disability (SSDI, SSI) Case does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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